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I just watched Pacific Rim yesterday in hIghmax and 3D. As a child from the 90s who grew up from anime centered on giant robots and evil monsters, I was elated. In short; it was the bomb-diggity-hizaooooo!

What Impressed me:

1). You can tell right off the bat that Del Toro's story line was well-thought out; his ideas on the origin of the kaiju (monsters), the manning mechanics of the Jaeger (robot), and even the little plot points that push the movie forward. Del Toro has a mind like no other.

2). The film escalates unconventionally. What I mean by this is, Pacific Rim's progression is unpredictable. When you watch so many movies, you kind of have a sense of how things go. But Del Toro shakes it up; making you feel tense and uncertain all throughout the movie, while at the same time being excited.

3). (minor spoilers) Excited about what? The combat! The different robots. The teams manning the robots. The monsters. The weapons. The fighting styles. It really is a fan-boy's dream. However, there is much action and excitement to go around for non-anime' lovers too. And whose mind wouldn't be blown by something called a "neural handshake". Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so good.

4). Another fine point of the film was the awesome cast. You got Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman from Sons of Anarchy, Rinko Kikuchi (my favorite Japanese actress) from Brothers Bloom and Norweigan Wood, Charlie Day (!!!) from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the always-classy Idris Elba from The Wire and RocknRolla. They all played their part in the movie, contributing to intensity, comedic timing, action and whatnot. Hey, even the supporting cast was pretty good.

What did not impress me:

1). One point that irked me was the unnecessary drama in certain parts. Without spoiling anything, there was this one part where a character walks in on a happy moment, all angry, and then he becomes happy and it is seen as a joke. I was just left like, "SRSLY?"

2). There were scenes in the movie though while still awesome, were very misfit. There was one scene within a fight, somewhere along the second half of the movie that was meant to be comic relief (It has something to do with Newton's cradle). While it was funny and cool, it just killed the intense feel and rhythm of the fight. Meh.

3). (minor spoiler) The film features certain emotional foundations being built between two main characters. Just a tad unnecessary when they show the cutesy stuff. But this is a minor gripe. Still tied neatly within the film.

4). The fourth thing that does not impress me is the fact that I do not have a fourth thing to impress me and therefore I am simply putting this to have a semblance of balance between the two sides..... Yep.....

Final Words

I hear a lot of talk that this movie will not be making the big bucks; that it won't even break-even in the opening night, a feat that most films with high budgets do.

However, to paraphrase Rian Johnson; you can't judge how good a movie is by it's box office. It will still be a good movie, pushing the boundaries of story and imagination, while flexing every fiber of the filming muscle. This film shows what can be done when thinking big, while staying intimately connected to humanity and the world. Wew.

As always, after reading this review or any for that matter, just forget about it. Go out watch the movie. Have an open mind, enjoy Pacific Rim (whatever parts you may enjoy) and form your own opinion.

Hopefully I'll see you there, as I'll be watching it a second time.

Enjoy yourself a Pacific Rim-job.


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