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Tom Hardy as Kratos, Khal Drogo/Conan as Kratos’s brother Deimos and Sir Jeor Mormont as skyfather of Olympus, the almighty Zeus?


James Cosmo played the role of Sir Jeor Mormont, Captain of the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones. His role as King Bagsecg from the movie Hammer of the Gods as the ruthless king may well prove that he can muster the lightning and thunder needed to face off with the Ghost of Sparta. There are other notable mentions to play the role of Zeus since Cosmo’s age may be a factor. Perhaps Mickey Rourke, he played villain roles all too well as King Hyperion on Immortals and Whiplash in Iron Man. Liam Neeson would have been perfect, but he has already played the role in Clash of the Titans. An odd pick would be Bryan Cranston aka Walter White/Heisenberg in the hit Cable TV Show Breaking Bad. Cranston played the downward spiral of the character all too well which can be a great transition to Zeus going insane, but will he have enough star power or maybe this may be a breakout role for Cranston?


I originally casted Jason Momoa to play the part of Kratos ever since he played the role of Ronon Dex from the TV series Stargate Atlantis and as Conan the Barbarian. He’s young and he has the built but it was not until he played the role of Khal Drogo in cable TV show Game of Thrones that he bear an uncanny resemblance to Kratos’s brother Deimos. He also already played the son of Corin played by Ron Perlman in the film Conan the Barbarian, so imagine a reunion with “father and son” all over again to team up against his older brother Kratos. Momoa can bring some more long awaited ass kicking from Khal Drogo in the movie as Deimos.


Tom Hardy as Kratos, The Ghost of Sparta/God of War! He was ruthless as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy also captured the villainous role of the clone of Patrick Stewart/Jean Luc’s Picard as Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis. He has versatility, he has the built, and he can also emulate that Shakespearean feel with the ability to project his voice and of course emphasis on his screen presence. A notable mention would be Vin Diesel but he’s already playing his own anti-hero character in the role of Riddick. Combine Tom Hardy’s roles as Bronson, Tom Riordan from Warrior, Bane, and Mad Max and you got Kratos.

This is a photo of him from the movie Bronson rendered as the Ultimate God of War.


My render of mostly the main core Gods as cast for a God of War Film. Starring Tom Hardy as Kratos, Jason Momoa as Deimos, James Cosmo as Zeus, Ron Perlman as Ares, Eric Bana as Poseidon, Tom Hiddleston as Hermes, Natalie Portman as Athena, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Hercules, Catherine Zeta Jones as Hera,Kate Beckinsale as Aphrodite, Liv Tyler as Lysandra and Maise Williams as Calliope.
- Credit to the 300 poster for the background theme to emulate the Fires of Chaos that Kratos will bring.

My concept of a teaser God of War character marketing posters. I emulated a 300/Clash of Titans feel to the characters.

After the Teaser posters, a few wallpapers, banners on social networking site would come out to market the film. Maybe advertise around E3, Comic Con, Anime Expo and show trailers around blockbuster and superhero films, show it round 300: Rise of an Empire, Hobbit and Thor 2. Just a thought on how it would play out if Sony does plan on making a Film.

There are still so many other parts to cast like Hades, Apollo etc and stories to tell with Kratos's character. This epic story of God of War may be this generation's Homer's Iliad, it is a beautiful tragedy that needs to be told.
"Chaos is coming."

My original sketch concept.

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"There will be Chaos!" Imagine hearing Tom Hardy yell that!

Credit to Sony Santa Monica for the art in the background and 300 film.


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