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The Wolverine is about to premiere, so I could not resist creating a ranking of the five most difficult beings to destroy in fantasy films and sci-fi.

5. Connor Macleod: of Highlander, played by Christopher Lambert: only decapitation can kill him. Epic sword fights led to many sequels.

4. Dr. Manhattan: of Watchmen, adaptation of the masterpiece of Allan Moore and Dave Gibbons: very powerful being and practically immortal, but also indifferent to the fate of 'insignificant' humans.

3. Terminator T-1000: of Terminator 2: Robert Patrick gives life to a self-healing, liquid metal murderer who can take the form of humans and objects alike. Amazing that it was not able to kill John Connor.

2. The Thing: from outer space; not only seems impossible to kill, but also capable of self replication and camouflaging as a human. A threat to the entire planet.

1. Logan, The Wolverine: the charismatic mutant has strength, agility and enhanced senses. His adamantium skeleton and the ability to regenerate makes him a worthy advisory to any villain.

These are my personal Top 5 Immortals. Send your suggestions, I'm sure I've missed a few!


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