ByPatrick Soriano, writer at
Patrick Soriano

Our undying love for Nicolas Cage will never end. From the endless loops of his craziest (and I mean craziest) scenes to the 400 memes that are derived from his countless expressions, Nic Cage has in fact become the internet, and I'm not sure if he even realises it.

Here in the internet, no corner is safe. It is impossible to avoid him, because now, Nic Cage is EVERYONE, and just recently has he branched off into the Disney realm.

Before you scroll down, let me ask you, who helped form a section of your childhood the most? Was it the elegantly curious Aurora Rose? The kind-hearted, humble Cinderella? How about the wishful, ambitious Ariel? Whoever it was, I want you to picture her in your head, all that Disney Princess has done for you, and then I want you to scroll down, and ruin your childhood for the better.



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