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I am an Aussie Filmmaker who has a passion for telling stories that make people question their own selves.
John Hopper

The next chapter in the Breakout Series continues as we go back before the events of Episode 1 and 2 (links in description) to witness the rise of Dr John Mason and how he was connected to Samuel Andrews.

Synopsis: After mysteriously gaining superhuman abilities, John must make a choice which will ultimately change history forever.

Starring: John Hopper, Aaron White, Matthew Hopper, Owen Hughes and Adam Wood

Written and Directed by: John Hopper

Produced by: John Hopper

Director of Photography: Daniel Brennan

Edited by: John Hopper

Music by: Hans Zimmer, Audiomachine, Martijondent Music

Coming Soon- The finale and epic conclusion to the Breakout Series, Breakout: Revelations

I do not own the rights to the music. All credit goes to the composers/owners/producers of the music.

As previously mentioned, this is not a Hollywood film, but I do enjoy making films. Enjoy and Subscribe


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