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Here I've imagined some of my favorite female superheroes on vacation, as I always have discussions on who is the best, most charismatic, powerful or should have a better film: these are my suggestions

Please let me know who your favorite female superhero is, or which you would like to see in a movie and soon, I will make a top 5 with the most votes.

I leave my 5 examples:

Batgirl: I imagined Barbara Gordon practicing trail running and climbing to stay in shape. A series or movie from Batgirl Year One, would seem a very appropriate choice.

Storm or Ororo: Dressed in an evening dress to attend a sophisticated party. I thick Halle Berry is well suited for the role as Ororo. I hope in future X-Men films, the character continues to have a presence.

Rogue: A modern girl and a Snowboarder (in my eyes). As Ororo has had a good adaptation with the rest of the X-Men, a film version of Rogue as a member of The Avengers (Marvel Now) would be great.

Jean Grey: I've drawn a sophisticated casual look, Dark Pheonix saga would make a good movie, but this return from the past in Marvel Now is a drama to consider...

Elektra: Here she is swimming, red as ever. Elektra with Daredevil need a nurgent reboot. This girl has potential for a good origin story with the right director and a good script.

What is your proposal?


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