ByCelina Fredericks, writer at
Celina Fredericks

So today was the day of something that we nerdy people mark down on our calendars. What is you ask? It's Comic Con in San Diego this weekend. So that means thousands of cosplays, panels for TV shows.. and especially the sneak peeks of the big movies that'll be out this year and next year.

Those who don't care about Comic Con are shaking their heads at us . But for the people who are in love with anything out of the ordinary, this weekend is like our Christmas but in July. So what makes The SDCC 2013 so special than the other ones, you ask? Well this year we have all sorts of panels. We have the Divergent, Catching Fire, X-Men: Days of Future Past panels, and many more. So 2013 is one of the special Comic Cons that has ever lived. Leave your comments down below telling me your thoughts about the 2013 Comic Con!


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