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Lucia Valeria Fischer

In my opinion, everything production-wise was brilliant, for a short video made without the help of a large production, this was well made, beautifully cut and shot, with believable actors and a nice subtle hint at the end to clarify she wasn't Tomb Raider, or Supergirl with a wig.

Out of everything in the video there were only two things that bothered me. One, that it wasn't me playing the role of Diana Prince, and Two, what was that representation of Diana in the beginning? This may of course be just me being picky, but go out and meet a 6-foot amazon warrior princess and tell me that's going to be her conversation with anyone other than Bruce Wayne (who wouldn't even entertained that conversation in the first place). Setting my opinion to the side though, check it out first:

Nice, right? What an amazing fight sequence! Whoever did the choreography for that a million high-fives to you sir, you deserve and award. Plus the editing team, the sound effects to those punches were lined up perfectly, making each strike count. Honestly, great work.

So now it boils down to the same old question: Can this further the statement that Wonder Woman should have her own movie? Or does it just help guarantee that it just go straight on to Justice League? What do you think?


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