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Dyllan Cecil

Love Psychological Thrillers? Want to see Michael Cera at his creepiest? If this sounds like you, you should check out Magic Magic. This film is by Sebastián Silva, who also wrote and directed another Michael Cera indie, Crystal Fairy.

In this Sundance gem, Juno Temple plays a young woman whose mind begins to unravel during a vacation in Chile. Alongside Temple are Emily Browning and Michael Cera. Psychological thrillers are personally my favorite, because they leave such an impact. Temple feels this way about Magic Magic, saying:

"It’s definitely a movie that makes you think after you’ve watched and you feel so shaken."

(via Entertainment Weekly).

Magic Magic comes out in the U.S. on DVD August 16th. August can easily be Juno Temple month, as she stars in not one, but three films being released next month: Magic Magic, Lovelace, and Afternoon Delight. While you wait, check out the Magic Magic trailer. What do you think?


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