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Robert Saldivar

DC is doing the right thing in giving the Justice League movie time to develop. A lot of people were saying that they should just dive into it and introduce the characters in the movie, but would that actually be worth it?

It may be good for the DC fan boys out there, but DC and the movie company is looking for more than just drawing the same people. Look what Marvel did, starting with Iron Man. They started to build a universe with a likeable character. We were really into Tony Stark, thanks to the amazing Robert Downey Jr.

Yes Man of Steel could be the start to the universe, but they need more than that; combining Batman and Superman for a movie is a good start, but STILL, they need more development that that.

Imagine if they just jumped into Avengers with just Tony stark as Iron man and Sheild. The movie would have been a disaster when trying to explain characters and the CUBE in 2 hours.

Marvel brilliantly built the story up while introducing us to likeable characters in their OWN movie. I mean, lets be honest, that’s why we love comic books. We love the building up of stories and then reading the last issue—the final show down, or in this case with the Phase one for Marvel, we watched as a story was being built, and then at the end (Avengers movie) we were treated to a spectacular show. We were all familiar with the main characters already. We knew who they were in the MCU, thanks to them having their own movies, watching them deal with problems.

So I think this is a good move for DC and the Movie Company pushing the JLA back a couple of years. Now, all they need to do is have two movies a year, introducing the main characters for JLA, while building a story that will reach its climax in the FIRST Justice League movie. By then we will know the characters of that universe, so it will be easier to let the story tell itself.

Are you happy they aren’t rushing the Movie? Do you agree with me? Comment below.


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