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Headhunters (IMDb) or as the original Norwegian title calls it "Hodejegerne" is an action thriller based on a best selling novel by Jo Nesbo. It is a few years old (2011), but since I just saw it I felt I should let you folks know about it in case you missed it as well!

The plot: An accomplished corporate headhunter risks everything to obtain a valuable painting owned by a former mercenary.

This is a very well made European film on a small budget with a very talented cast.

If you are willing to open your mind to watching something other than your standard Hollywood "mega-budget" flick, I would consider this film a "Must-See". It has a great story with some fun plot twists. The ending is a tiny bit weaker than the rest of the film, but to be honest it is most likely just me trying to find something negative about the film. This really was a fun film with surprisingly well done cinematography and even the over-the-top implausibilities were fun to watch (you will long remember what comes after the picture below...)

I feel I must warn some of you that being a foreign film, it is indeed subtitled. I doubt most of us mind, but sadly this often steers many people away from giving films made outside of Hollywood a chance for success. I think it is really sad because people would realize that so many films they like are really just remakes of great foreign hits.

(Hmm...It does make me wonder who is going to play the lead in the US version?)

Even if you do hate 'reading' while watching a movie, i promise, the film's 'R' rating more than makes up for that tiny inconvenience! This one gets a two "Thumbs Up"!


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