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Alyssa Cappasso

Thor was simply...amazing. Again, a bit late, but who cares.

At first, I was totally and completely lost on the whole story, and it seemed uninteresting. I thought that Thor was a pretentious asshole, albeit, he's the most fine looking one I'd ever seen. I mean, c'mon, he must be thousands of guys' 'man crush', or whatever they call it.

Was that a secret? Oops.

The first time I realized I had the potential to fall in love with this character was the scene where they fought the Frost Giants. I realized, Thor was badass.

But seriously, 'Frost Giants'? 'Odin Allfather'?

Yoo-hoo! Originality, are you there?

It was upsetting to see Thor stripped of his hammer, his powers. But, he was being a serious spoiled brat. A hot, badass spoiled brat, but a brat nonetheless.

I absolutely loved it when he was experiencing his first few day on Earth, and as a puny human. I somehow knew from the beginning that he would end up in a straight-jacket, at least for a little while.

Bad Thor! What did I say about punching out doctors?!

I knew from when I first saw them together that I shipped Thor and Jane.

I loved that their little magic trio busted him out of the psych ward, went for coffee, and then Thor got reprimanded for smashing a mug. I just laughed so hard, because here is this other-worldly warrior/god getting yelled at for loving coffee by this powerless human girl. It's just ridiculous!

I also really liked watching Thor slowly realize that he was human, and that he might stay that way forever. I watched as he became worthy of his own powers without even meaning to, and as he, in essence, grew from an arrogant boy into a man honorable of his birth right.

I have not watched any other Thor movies, though I really do intend to. Great, another thing to obsess over.


Just, by the way, I had a weird feeling about Loki from the beginning. Now, I must leave this short, for I need to watch as many Thor films that I can find!

See ya!

-Alyssa C.


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