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The Sandman author Neil Gaiman, in collaboration with The Odd Gentlemen, has announced his first ever game: Wayward Manor.

“For quite a while there’s been a story that I’ve wanted to tell; something inspired by the kinds of films I loved when I was a kid,” Gaiman said in a video on the game’s official website. “Things like Arsenic and Old Lace, Blithe Spirit, The Man Who Came To Dinner.”
But I kept running into the same problem: it didn’t really feel like a novel. It felt like something that you would have to experience yourself.”

Wayward Manor is set in a large house during the Roaring Twenties.”You play as a disgruntled ghost, trying to reclaim your house from its newfound owners. This dysfunctional family of misfits,” wrote a description on the website.

Gaiman went on to say that The Odd Gentlemen the perfect studio for him to work with to develop Wayward Manor due to the right level of macabre they have presented in their previous works like The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.

Wayward Manor has crowd funding so you can donate at the official website to get early access to game as well as other special extras. The highest donation which is limited to only 10 people and costs $10,000 will give you a chance to have dinner with Neil Gaiman himself in Los Angeles which he promises will be “the single spookiest dinner anyone has ever had… in Los Angeles.”

The first part of Wayward Manor will be released this fall on PC and Mac.

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