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Lars Johnson

The Wolverine, which was released last night at 10:00 PM special screenings, is already raking in the dough.

According to numerous sources, The Wolverine opened to $4 million. World War Z made $3.4 million from the late night shows, but those shows started at 7:00 PM, while the Wolverine was prime set for 10:00 PM and later.

These numbers are good news for the Fox spin-off. This could possibly lead to an opening weekend of up to $75 million, which would put it on the list of highest opening weekends of Summer 2013, coming in behind other big-franchise names like Man of Steel and Iron Man 3.

Now, let's get to the review:

The Wolverine, at its core, is actually one of the most entertaining movies of the Summer. It certainly won't be in your favorite films list, but it is an enjoyable ride. Many agree the third act ruins the movie. While that may be true, James Mangold has a style that hasn't been seen in the X-Men Universe since Bryan Singer directed the first two X-Men films. Singer will later helm Days Of Future Past, due out in theaters next May.

Based off the popular story line, this time Wolverine is in Japan, trying to get over the death of Jean Grey. She haunts him in his dreams, and in a way Mangold just knows how to bring every shot to the screen. It doesn't join the ranks of the Christopher Nolan Batman films or The Avengers, but James Mangold has re-introduced the character of the Wolverine in a whole way, both physically and emotionally with many different challenges with an oddly paced fun movie. There's fun to be had, but there is one flaw: the final action scene is misplaced, as well as some characters that are not used enough. If this movie was 15 minutes shorter, it would have been an enjoyable flick. But those last fifteen minutes just really took the character and destroyed everything you had just watched in the past hour and 45 minutes.

Also...stay for the credits. You'll thank me.

Hint: it involves *days of* I've said too much...

I give the film 4 out of 5 stars.


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