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Darkness the never ending...what the hell!? Tom without a beard and in a bed with someone who isn't Anne? Yeah, that's how the ep starts off. Is this a flashback or a trap episode? The answer is revealed several minutes in. Much like the only phrase anyone can recall from Gen.Arkbar- 'IT'S A TRAP!'

What's cool about this ep is that it shows us what life might have been like for Tom and his brood before the war, but also all the characters we've come to know and love in roles that you wouldn't think them in, unless you really pay attention to what they say in the show. For example, Pope is a Professor of philosophy. While you might not think it due to his “eloquence”, Pope does show a philosophical side. Another example is Maggie being a student of Tom's (he teaches history and if you didn't know that, stop watching the show).

1) She (Maggie) wares normal chick clothes and DAMN, is she fine. 2) The Maggie we know has been changing since we first meet her, one could say she has been LEARNING from her PAST. 3) I forget what 3 was going to be but I bet it was a great one.

The one I like the most is the guy who represents Tom's subconscious. Gonna let you find out who that is. There's also a face from the past we get to see and while it wasn't anything game changing it was just nice to see the show bring this person back.

The majority (like 80%) of the ep is about finding out where Tom is going. Is it Boston,Chicago,Jacksonville or New York. Why does it matter? It's one of these cities that the Espheni think is the target for the bombing of their Earth Net.

The other part of the ep takes place in Charleston and is about what to do about the mole, lack of Tom and moving on. There's also a dash of Tom's past tossed in for the emotional aspect.

This is the type of episode that you need to see and not read about. I typically don't give a damn about spoiling things but there's just so much cool stuff in here not to see first hand.

Other Things

-The face huger looks like it's painful.

-We see the actor who play's Cochise outside of the outfit.

-It's fun to see the bitch get shot. Was it fake or real? Watch the ep and find out.

-Are Anne and Lexie truly dead?

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