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Robert Saldivar

The new Captain America movie updates keep getting better and better, and this latest news is even sweeter.

We all pretty much knew that the movie would be like an Avenger 1.5 right? Well it gets better than that! The forthcoming Captain America sequel will feature its share of Avengers. The movies' creators have also hinted that fans might get their first glimpse of Ultron, the super villain of Avengers 2.

I don’t know about you guys, but this makes me excited knowing that I don’t have to wait till 2015 to see the story unfold.

Joe Russo recently spoke with the Huffington Post about the film, revealing that the plot will serve as a bridge between the original Avengers and Age of Ultron:

"There's a very strong connection in the narrative between the events of the end of Marvel's The Avengers that drive [Winter Solider], and there's a very strong handoff to the [Age of Ultron] at the end of this movie," Russo said. "And Kevin Feige's whole thing is that this is the biggest bridge of all of Phase 2 movies; it really is. It does involve the most amount of Avengers of any of the films in Phase 2, and it has sort of a, you know, there's a very big shift in the universe at the end of this movie."

I knew that this movie would be big, but this news just got bigger. I’ve been waiting for more cross overs in the MCU than just the Avenger movies, and it looks like this will be the start of it (hopefully).

Who do you think will be involved? Iron Man? Maybe. But maybe not since RDJ only signed contracts for the Avengers movie. Perhaps Hulk, however there’s been no news on that, yet. Iron Patriot? But the other question is, will we be introduced to Ultron at the end of this movie? Words can't explain how good of a move that would be for Marvel.

What are your thoughts on this? Who do you think will make appearances? Are more excited for the movie? Comment below.


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