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Hey guys, The Wolverine was fun right? Great. Well, I hope you liked it because Fox isn't done with everyone's favorite super minorities, the mutants.

The rumor was sparked by Mark Millar, the man who made comic books cool again with Kickass, Wanted, and some of the Ultimate Marvel stories that made Spider-man better than ever and Fantastic Four...relevant.

So Mark was doing a pre-emptive victory lap for Kickass 2 (and I have a feeling he should) talking about his "excitement" for what's ahead, stating that 5-10 movies "might" be in the works.

His statements imply that Fox is working on creating their own cinematic hero universe that will explore the vast world of X-men, and we should expect some Marvelish things coming about pretty soon.

Which is easy to believe if you caught the post-credits scene at the end of The Wolverine.

So, let's review: We could get 5-10 X-men movies. At the moment, I'm still processing whether or not this is a good or bad thing.

Well, okay I'm enthusiastic because Mark Millar is the creative force behind this and he could easily give us an X-men continuity that rivals D.C. and mainstream Marvel.

Not to mention what this could mean for popular X-men characters we've yet to see on the big screen. In other words, we could get a Deadpool movie that doesn't suck.

Of course, this could lead to ultimate disaster (comic book pun reference kind of) since some of the X-men characters may not translate well to film.

But I'm leaning more towards optimistic. So here are my questions...

1. What X-men story/character do you want to see most in this new movie universe?

2. Should Mark Millar just write everything forever?

3. How could this be the most terrible idea ever?

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