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Hello Moviepilot's. I'm an amateur designer from germany and I'm really interested in all superhero-related stuff out there.
David Heine

Hi Moviepilot's,

I've got two other "Avengers - Age of Ultron"-posters for you:


For this poster, I've got a sudden inspiration by something I've read about, but sadly haven't seen by myself. It was a clip at comic con, showing an Iron Man helmet getting lighten up und blown up from within. Then another head appeared. This head was said to be the one of Utron. I'm sure you read about it too.


I've tried to imagine how the world would suffer from such a threat and, yeah, its kind of bad. In the first installment, there was actually no need for the Avengers to avenge the world in the end, as Stark threatens Loki, but this time... it will be different!

So, what do you think? Any advice or ideas?

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