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Robbie Herr

Even though The Avengers shattered box-office records and is one of the highest-grossing movies ever, it was still flawed in numerous ways. I’ll get straight to the point - below are some problems from The Avengers that need to be addressed in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Have a threatening villain

Loki looked like a Twilight vampire. The only scary aspect of the character was his soul-stealing staff-type thing, but that only worked on enemies standing still for ten seconds. Give us a villain with some bulk. Make The Hulk turn black, because black equates to evil in that universe, and turn on The Avengers. Boom. Plot twist and awesome villain.

Have a less predictable plot

The good guys won. Horribly predictable. Did they even try to put a hint of originality in the script?

Have a better plot twist than Loki and Thor being brothers

That is such a played-out and lazy wrench in the story. Get M. Night to direct the movie and we might get a semi-decent “holy cow” moment at the end.

Make Black Widow more…endowed

That’s pretty self-explanatory. We all expected more. What do you think this is? A superhero movie?

Thor has girl hair

No respectable male has hair that thick and flowing. A superhero soldier from another world should have some filth and grime, or a few split ends, in his hair. It’s surprising he didn’t have a Suave logo on his back.

Have Thor be played by Robert Downey Jr.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that RDJ has the talent to tackle just about any role from comedy to action, so why not let him be a blonde-haired stud? There’s no doubt that he could act the hell out of that, but it’s not like he has much to beat (sorry Chris).

Hawkeye has a never-ending supply of arrows…in a small quiver?

His quiver holds like, what, twenty arrows? At his rate of fire he should have ran out in under ten minutes. They must address where he was getting more arrows. This movie is supposed to be realistic, not some fantasy bullspit.

Have The Hulk be played by Robert Downey Jr.

You know, why not let him be the giant Loki-smashing (that’s really the only scene we remember) man too?

How do a small group of people defend the world?

There’s an entire space army invading earth with gadgets and weapons that would blow Stephen Hawking’s mind. Holy shirts, how do we stop them? Send in a couple people with less-cool weapons to somehow defeat the forces of evil. There should have been, at least, two-hundred warriors to even hold the aliens at bay. Get it together Mr. Whedon.

Just have Robert Downey Jr. play everyone

He can do it. It’s not like people have been complaining about the casting choices.

Solve their blatant disregard for simple physics

Iron Man went through the wormhole and into another dimension. How exactly did he fall back into Earth’s gravitational pull? There’s obviously no gravity in space.

Make the costumes awesomer, Loki and Captain America had laughable headwear

Loki’s helmet looked absolutely ridiculous and Captain America’s headgear just looked…ridiculous. Loki’s huge horns are the furthest thing from threatening. Captain America’s cheap facemask or helmet whatever made him look like a child pretending to be a superhero among real superheroes.

Cast a real one-eyed man to play Nick Fury

We all know that Samuel L. Jackson has two eyes. Who are they trying to fool?


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