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The episode starts off with Weaver and the President walking and talking. Nothing much to say other than it's clear that Weaver doesn't trust her. Not long after, Tom strolls back into town and has a bro moment with Weaver. I felt like I should have been tossing back a Natty Ice or P.B.R.

Tom talks with his sons about what he went through and tells them that they should use the grief and hate they have to see them through this ordeal (the pending attack). This is something that the mirror-mirror Tom would say,however,with all the things that he and his family have been through it's understandable he would have a different mindset. I wonder what this new mindset will do for him in the season finale. It's going to be interesting to see if he just snaps and goes ape shit on any and all Fishheads he sees or if he will come to his sense and see things with a clear mind. I hope for the former since Tom has been the level headed one for the last few years. What will Tom's mindset be if the bombs work and they also take out Karen? Hell, what's the show going to be like next season if that happens?

A few minutes pass for the viewer and Tom walks up to Pope to talk to him. They have a very earnest conversation which shows just the level of respect they have for each other, whether or not they admit it to each other. Sure they dislike each other but that doesn't always mean disrespect. So what was the conversation they had, you ask? It was about putting Tom down if he had another bug in him. Pope of course has no issues with telling Tom that he'll put a bullet in his head if he does in fact have a bug. Right after that, BOOM!!! There's an explosion,the mole strikes again.

I'm disappointed that Weaver didn't question the “good” doctor when he ran into her after she set us up the bomb (bonus points if you get that reference). The bomb goes off after a few minuets story time and it causes a cave in, almost all major players are trapped 40 feet underground. It looks like some people died, if they were leads or extras, I won't tell. Go watch the episode.

Pope and crew do something that is uncharacteristic of them...they work as a team with Weavers men and the people of Charleston to clear the rubble. One could say that they're doing it for selfish reasons but I think it's just an excuse that Pope is using to help out.

I've replayed the scene where Lourdes tells Tom that she's sorry and he stops as if he picked up on something she said but my god I can not figure out the significance of what she said is. If any of you out there know, please for the love of whatever god you buy into, tell me. Anthony says “we're right back where we started” and Tom picks up on something. Tom figures out that the Doc is the mole and sets a trap for her, he has her at gun point and is about to pull the trigger but something is holding him back.

There's more to this episode but honestly, it's just talk that shows some sides to characters that we haven't seen before or that we have but not to the extent that is shown.

This was a decent episode that sets up a strong finish to the season.

Other Things

-Anyone notice how fast the info about Anne and Lexie spread amongst the town folk?

-A Volm who is all emo is not a pretty thing.

-The regen effect used on Cochise was neat.

-Why the hell didn't Maggie or Hal open up the fucking pipe to get air into their caved in room before being told by Ben to open the frelling thing?

-Why does Anthony have C4?

-Maggie has a creepy big smile.

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