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Hello Moviepilot's. I'm an amateur designer from germany and I'm really interested in all superhero-related stuff out there.
David Heine

Hello Moviepiloters

I present you with my fourth and, for now, last 'Age of Ultron' poster. I hope you like it! If you have any advice, criticism or any other input, feel free to comment below.

As a very special thing, I have another version of #4 for you. A bro asked me to put Iron Man in the middle and I did it. I just wanted to see how it would look like, if he is the leader of the gang. I like it, both the idea itself and this version of #4 very much! Unfortunately, Captain America is the official leader, at least until now, so he has to be in the middle, I think.

Which version do you prefer?

Feel free to check out my other work on DeviantART and Facebook,


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