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Hello MP, I am back with another article that will start off my series titled, "What if...?"

What if Captain America Became President of the United States?

What If Vol.1 #26 (April 1981)
Based on: Captain America #250
The true history: Captain America was asked to run for the "New Populist Party" and declined.
Turning point: What if Captain America ran for president?

Altered History: Cap accepts and runs for president against Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. But he will need a running mate. Oh yeah, none other than Senator Andrew Jackson Hawk.

He's got political experience, a strong voice and voting record. With all of that, his committee is not all that happy with him teaming up with Cap.

Also, Carter calls out Cap for his lack of experience and Reagan plays the mask card, although Marvel has no identification requirement for running in an election (since it let Cap run).

The Final Vote

So, obviously, Captain America becomes America's President. We can judge that from the title. He eventually unmasks at the inauguration.

So how are the United States keeping up with Cap?

For starters, the secret service has trouble keeping up with him. And somehow he converts the US to solar power.

The South American country of San Pedro have been in war. The rebels have been calling for President America's help. Since Cap does not want something similar to Vietnam happening again, Cap gives solar powered arms to the rebels of San Pedro. (sound familiar, anyone?)

The leader of the rebels calls Cap for a visit, only to be replaced by a familiar face.

Yes! The Red Skull didn't want Cap to have his own country and him to not have one also, so his plan was to broadcast on American television of their President getting tortured and killed.

As you can see, Canada and Mexico joined the US as soon as Cap became President. Cap eventually escapes and fights the Red Skull now wanting to use solar projectors in orbit to destroy American cities (evil laugh...) The equipment is damaged in battle and the White House is destroyed in a huge explosion.

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Next Week: "What if... Jane Foster had found the hammer of Thor?"


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