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The Walking Dead is the highest rated cable show to date. The storyline of course centers around a police officer (Rick Grimes) who wakes up from a coma and learns that the human race is being eradicated by a virus that is causing people to turn into zombies. Rick Grimes finds his family camped out in the woods with a group of survivors and becomes the leader of this group protecting them from the "walkers".

I have worked on this show in some depth and I can explain why it is one of the greatest shows on television. The actors used for the series are some of the greatest actors of our time. Andrew Lincoln is phenomenal as Rick Grimes and the rest of the talent on this show is nothing less. I have spent several days working with Norman Reedus, Steven Yuen, Scott Wilson and Melissa McBride. I have also met Andrew Lincoln and the rest of the cast in the process. I have also worked with Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Bernthal a couple of seasons prior on an episode. I realized why Walking Dead is not only the greatest show on television but also the greatest set to work. The entire crew on the show is down to earth and are passionate about making this show. They are all about making the realism and the viewer actually believe we are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

I of course cannot talk about much as far as the show and what happens but I can say this: I do understand their privacy and wanting everything as private as possible. I can tell this story from a couple of years ago when I was hired as a background traveler on the show.

I got booked to work in a little small town 45 minutes south of Atlanta using my car in the scene. I was told to pack up everything I could and load my car down with suitcases and whatever I could think of. I made sure my car looked the part and I was on the way. I got to set and checked in with one of the Production Assistants and he pointed me to a tent where dinner was being served. I walk in and of course there is Jon Bernthal with his dogs sitting there enjoying a couple of burgers and getting ready for an all night shoot. I later learned that Jon was big into animal rights and rescued dogs so of course that made him alright in my books. I had just got done eating when I get summoned from a Production Assistant that I had to get to the wardrobe trailer. I of course followed them asking a million questions. "What am I doing?" is of course the first one. I found out that I was picked to be "The bandaged guy". I was propped up on the side of a minivan as the steady cam rolls past me as I had a bloodied arm. That part got cut of course but you can still see the back of me during the flashback beginning of episode 5 of season 2.

A couple years later I get called in to work again. Greg Nicotero remembered my small role a couple of years prior and ready to see me in action again. I will talk a little bit more about this after the season starts. I can honestly say that having worked on this show has been a great experience. I was not a fan of zombie shows but watching The Walking Dead has made me a fan of great drama and of course great people. I can see why it is such a huge obsession among it's fans and hoping to see this show get even more awards than it already has. I will end this with a huge thank you to Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, the cast and crew of the show and of course AMC channel.....


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