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Lars Johnson

Note: This video is not fake.

UPDATE: For those just joining us, 20th Century Fox has taken down the video due to copyright claim. You can see a description below of the footage seen.

While at FantasiaFest in Montreal, Bryan Singer showcased a very well-shot teaser trailer. The first half of the trailer has been leaked online.

The footage that was described a few days ago has now successfully made its way online.

It's all over the Internet. In most places, it has already been taken down. Click on the link to view the footage.

You might want to hurry, as the footage will most likely be taken down shortly. In the footage we see shots of Rogue, Iceman (now rocking a beard), Wolverine, Professor X and more. It does confirm that many recurring characters we have not seen since The Last Stand are coming back, as well as the cast of the original trilogy and 2011's First Class. Days of Future Past will most likely replace Kitty Pryde's time traveling adventures with Wolverine's time travel adventures. The footage also shows Storm looking very disappointed. In fact, no one in the footage looks remotely happy.

The one that was filming stopped recording 30 seconds before the teaser was over, which probably ended in some cut-to-black shot. It would be interesting to see if Fox makes a move and releases the official logo as more and more set pics and videos like these leak online.

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