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Can we change perspective and flip the “superhero genre” on its head?

With Marvel rolling along full steam and DC picking up with Man of Steel this summer and major announcements at ComicCon some are starting to wonder what comes next? How can they make "Superhero" movies different? The last thing we want is to see them sizzle and die out. Now I believe this will not happen for quite some time and that we have only begun to scratch the surface of years and years of source material and stories that deserve to be told and reimagined.

However, change and difference can be nice to shake things up every once in a while. DC announced that this Fall, September will be their “Villains Month” with each major hero from the New 52 line having their comic taken over to feature one of their major rogues. Point of view is a major part of storytelling and this interesting switch promises for some good reading, but could Hollywood follow the move?

I believe they can. Some movies have already relied heavily on the villain in one way or another. Two major pictures that come to mind are The Dark Knight and X-Men: First Class. In the former Heath Ledger’s Joker stole the show and after rewatching several times it really does feel like his movie and not Batman’s. It is important to note that I love this story and do not think that this takes away from the film at all. I just think that this could be the type of story major studios could tap into more in the future. As for X-Men, there have been many films in that ongoing franchise, but First Class certainly seemed like a bit of the rumored X-Men Origins: Magneto movie that was going around. Again I loved First Class and think it was a great film, but it did not follow the typical structure of a superhero film. It told one of the most solid and filled in origin stories of a villain we have ever seen on screen.

Additionally, we have rumors that Amazing Spider-man 4 will focus heavily on “other characters” and some speculation has already been made about a Venom-centric movie. If done right that is something I would pay to see. To name a few others I believe a Darkseid film telling his rise to power and New Genesis would be an interesting stepping stone to a Justice League movie. Setting aside obvious problems with contracting the same actors to play antagonistic hero roles in these films it is still a fun idea.

So I put it to you MoviePilot readers: What villains could legitimately hold their own film? Sound off in the comments below.

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