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Yep that's right folks. I had to blink twice to believe it.

Alongside Josh Brolin and Christian Bale, Orlando Bloom has been added to the list for playing the caped crusader in the upcoming 2015 DC film.

According to UK news site Express, Bloom is expected to sign on by the fall with a senior source at WB confirming “Orlando looks odds-on to get the part even before our first casting call."

So looks like Bloom could be Batman even before casting is finalized. I don't know about this one. Having two Brits facing off against each other is great but does Orlando have the rugged look and style of a 40 year old Batman?

What do you guys think? Should Orlando Bloom become the dark knight or it should be Bale or Brolin? Comment your thoughts below.

The Man of Steel Sequel hits cinemas in 2015.


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