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Joaquin Phoenix is set to appear in three films in 2013 and in 2014. The Immigrant, Her, and Inherent Vice have become buzzing activity for movie goers and Award councils alike. The Immigrant was released at the Cannes Film Festival on May 24, 2013 and was nominated for the Palm D'Ore Award. Inherent Vice, another Paul Thomas Anderson masterpiece in the works, is said to release in 2014. However, the buzz around awards and discussions has arisen from Joaquin Phoenix's newest film by Spike Jonze. Her is set to release on December 18, 2013 and to limited release, unfortunately. The film tells the story of a broken man from a broken marriage who finds new love and affection in a software system named Samantha. The trailer for the film is as beautiful as the character Phoenix portrays in the film and audiences cannot wait to behold this masterpiece.

Now, let's back track a little bit: In early 2000, acclaimed director Ridley Scott brings together a diverse array of actors to create a mesmerizing and epic tale of revenge and glory in Gladiator. Reciprocating as a box office success, Gladiator goes on to receive 5 Academy Awards including 'Best Picture'. However, a lone wolf arrises from the crowd of noise, Joaquin Phoenix. Playing the wicked and ferocious Commodus, Joaquin stirs the industry and audiences alike with a spark of acting that is all too rare among the Hollywood industry.

With supporting roles popping up left and right, Joaquin makes his rise to stardom in such films as Ladder 49, Hotel Rwanda, and Signs. Five years later, however, Phoenix takes on his first major leading role as the charismatic and self-destructive country singer, Johnny Cash.

Walk the Line goes on to tell the incredible tale of the country singer as he battles drugs, alcohol, fame, and inevitably love and sets the bar for Joaquin incredibly high. Receiving numerous nominations for his performance (including an Academy Award nomination), Joaquin becomes film's newest star performer at the forefront of the industry. Suddenly, a massive U-turn is commenced by the actor. Joaquin quits acting! Or so we're told. From 2010 up until early 2011, Joaquin personifies a clever and controversial role as himself in Casey Affleck's, I'm Still Here. The point of the film was to draw a connection to audience's beliefs in "unscripted" reality shows and the celebrities themselves, including their frantic behavior offscreen. Sadly, this bold move in film turned out to be a career suicide for Joaquin and almost cost him the respect he had earned from his previous roles.

In early 2011, due to Jeremy Renner abandoning the film, Joaquin is cast in Paul Thomas Anderson's, The Master. In the film, Joaquin plays Freddie Quell, a World War 2 veteran in the early years after the war who has an alcoholic and sex-obsessed addiction, and is ultimately rescued from self-destruction by Lancoster Dodd, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. The film receives widespread critical acclaim and lands Phoenix a staggering amount of award nominations including another Academy Award nomination.

This year is indeed looking bigger and brighter for the actor as he reaches new heights and limits that only an actor that has been compared to the masterful Daniel Day-Lewis can achieve. Ladies and gentlemen, the Year of the Phoenix... has arrived.


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