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This is it. The moment you've all been waiting for (kinda).
For months fans have waited and prayed for a trailer, some pictures, a goddamn tweet! Anything! Well, Vampire Academy fans, your prayers have been answered. Yesterday, the distributor for Vampire Academy, The Weinstein Company released not one, not two, but THREE awesome stills for you to sink your fangs into!

The first, shows protagonist Rose, played by Beautiful Creatures actress, Zoey Deutch looking off into the distance with what looks like Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland, who plays Natalie Dashkov, close behind. There's been a lot of speculation about this since the pictures were released, but it looks as though maybe St Vlads has been given a uniform! If so, I know I will DEFINITELY be buying the complete uniform and wearing it everywhere as much as possible!

The second still released by The Weinstein Company, shows the characters of Rose (Zoey Deutch), Vasilisa (Lucy Fry) and Natalie (Sarah Hyland) at what appears to be a party. Fans of the book, will be able to easily recognise the scene (is that Rose' infamous black dress I see?), but for those who don't know, I guess you'll have to wait until February 2014. (*cue evil laugh*) ...or buy the book.

The third still released is the one that had most fans fainting, crying, screaming and fan-girling. It shows our two protagonists, Rose (Zoey Deutch) and none other than Guardian Dimitri Belikov, played by Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky, in what looks to be a not very nice conversation. Those who know the character of Dimitri, know that he never shouts at Rose, but he does look as though he could be chiding her for something...hmmm..but I wonder what?

And if that's not enough, author of the six-book Young Adult series, Richelle Mead shared a small snippet of the teaser trailer, released by The Weinstein Company on Instagram! And guess what? I have that very snippet, here for you.

Filled with a whole load of action, most of our main characters, some pretty rockin' music, and a very cool 'Rose' graphic, this snippet gives a glimpse into what we can expect from the film next year.

Action & Romance all rolled into one, who couldn't love Vampire Academy?

Vampire Academy hits theatres around February 14th 2014. Check IMDb to see when it's released in your country!


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