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"Where's the booze?"

What a delight it is to see Harrison Ford displaying some humor chops. He's always had it in him, but lately he seems to have unleashed fury on it. The way I see it is that he's 71 years old and he really doesn't care that much anymore about how he comes across or maybe even about the movies he's in. I know this is an act but I absolutely love it. He's shown more life here then he did in the entire film "Firewall".

Last week he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he acts really bizarre and funny. He doesn't really know what to make of his upcoming parts in the new Anchorman and Expendables movies. He even gets asked if he's going to watch the first two Expendables movies and he responds brilliantly "Why?".

Not only that he has no tolerance for dumb Comic Con questions and I really can't blame him there. Whether he's serious or not is another thing but I think it's great that he keeps people guessing as to whether he is or not.

Settling a score with Chewy:

The Comic Con Video:


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