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Flint Johnson

When Disney purchased Star Wars, they promised spin-off movies to accompany the long-awaited third trilogy. And among the potential subjects mentioned has been the inimitable Yoda. So, I have a simple idea. How about an origin story? Now I know that might not be the most novel of ideas, but hear me out.

You see, Yoda's species, often called tridactyls, is something of a mystery. Though Yoda appears in the original and both he and Yaddle in the prequel trilogy, in the KotOR there is Master Vandare Tokare, Minch around 700 BBY, Oteg during the Cold War, and an unknown but powerful Jedi whose statue is in the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan. Not a word has ever been written or spoken as to the species' origin, name, or even culture. George Lucas has been adamant about maintaining that silence, but Lucas no longer owns Star Wars.

There is so much creative potential there. For instance, they are all immensely powerful in the Force; Yoda is the gold standard for medichlorians. In the entire universe, there is a single being who was stronger, a being created by Sith Alchemy. They are also rare, reptilian, and three-toed.

What if some species (say the Sith species, who are the founders of alchemy) created the tridactyls in order to serve as weapons or tools. They may have decided to use their magic to hide from the rest of the galaxy, but every few hundred years one of them decides to explore the galaxy.

Maybe the tridactyls could be descendants of the diseased Rakatans who mutated (the pre-Republic empire-builders), or some sort of scientific experiment on their part. It would explain their few numbers, three toes, and reptilian appearance.

Any way you slice it, a movie about Yoda and his species has a lot of potential.

What would you think about a movie about Yoda and the origin of his species?


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