ByJon Handschin, writer at
Chief Creative Officer @Moviepilot Twitter:@jonhandschin
Jon Handschin

Should you think about going clubbing the upcoming weekend and take your dancing skills to town, you might want to check some of your favourite movies first. Here are some bad-ass moves for your consideration. (Reenact at you own risk)

1. Brad Pitt doing the "Hayh-Yeeah look at ME!"

2. Jon Heder doing the "Upward Wave" in Napoleon Dynamite

3. Channing Tatum doing the "Downward Slider"

4. The Dude doing "The Wild Thing"

5. Leonardo DiCaprio doing the "Elastic Shoulder" in The Wolf from Wall Street

Pitt, Heder, Tatum, Bridges or DiCaprio:

Who dances like a boss?


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