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Um, no.... probably not BUT if you missed this tidbit a couple weeks ago - it's an interesting read. Well, that is if you're a die-hard TMNT fan craving every little nibblet of information you can get your chubby little fingers on about the upcoming Liebsman/Bay live action flick... like a fat kid with a Hershey's wrapper on a hot Texas day!

Yup that's me! Fat kid with an empty chocolate wrapper... oh and I'm maybe a little bit in the TMNT's. One might compare me to the 40 Year Old Virgin when looking at my collection of TMNT collectibles.... except that I'm married (to a woman), I'm only 30 and I have a couple kids just starting school. Well, wait... I suppose I could be the 30 Year Old Virgin. I mean, I'm married and I'm a comic geek with toys/comics neatly (OCD-like) displayed all over the house so I'm not really gettin' any... you know what I mean.... "ANY". After a certain number of years, don't you technically become a "virgin" again? I don't know. That's probably just women (typical). But men... I know you hear me! *sigh* I digress. Please accept my sincere apologies.

As a token of my gratitude for reading this far, here's Megan Fox (as April O'Neil) jumping up and down on a trampoline. Sure, we've seen the stills but...

Now, moving on to the title... Ladies & Gentlemen - Will Arnett!

According to's recent interview, Will Arnett says he's excited about Vernon's explosive action scenes and that (Vernon) isn't going to be a total douche like he was in the cartoons! This is a huge relief for fans across the globe! This is definitely a step in the right direction and bodes well for Producer Michael Bay's reputation as an alleged "killer of childhood dreams" and baby seals. Ok, so I might have made-up that last part and... There may also have been a dash of sarcasm thrown into the paragraph.

But seriously, Arnet says that "(Vernon) helps April help the Turtles… There’s some really great action sequences that I’m super psyched for people to see. They were really fun to shoot; very physically demanding… I’m not going to say I’m an action star, but it was fun being in it.”

Hey, I know it's not big news and since it was released a couple weeks ago - you may have already read it yourself... but, since we haven't really heard much about the TMNT flick since they announced that (A white dude! But a kick-ass actor from Prison Break, Armageddon, and even a small role in The Dark Knight Returns. But still - a WHITE DUDE!) William Fichtner would be playing the role of Shredder - not as 'Oroku Saki" but as a new name they gave the infamous baddy for the film which is now "Eric Sachs".

So, I don't know about you but I'm crackin-out here man! You read me right! I'm crackin-out! Like a crack-head gets all cracked-out when he can't ahold of his next fix... Ugh, I'm crackin-out man! I wanna know more about the flick! I wanna see a trailer! More importantly, I'd be happy to see an image of what the Turtles are gonna look the movie! Any day now guys!

It could suck or it could be really badass! It's too early to tell

Either way, we now know that Vernon is NOT a douche. And we have also confirmed that Megan Fox looks hot jumping on a trampoline. Ok, she looks hot no matter what she's doing but whatevs man.

Whatcha think about Vernon? I don't know how to set up a poll but you can still post your thoughts!

  • Dude, no one cares!
  • Dude! That's kinda cool actually!
  • Dude, LAME! He's a tool in the show - leave him that way!
  • Dude, he wasn't even in the comic - why is he in the movie?
  • Dude, still don't care.
  • Dude, thanks for the Megan Fox video!
  • Dude, where's my car?

But hey, seriously, thanks for reading! And if anyone wants to clue me in on the polls... that'd be great! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

DISCLAIMER: I got all the info from multiple pages on and just kinda compiled it to start a conversation and give my own two cents and of course, inspire you to write about YOUR two cents! I just can't take any credit for the source material or the images/videos. More here at


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