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Jonathan J Moya

The Hollywood Reporter noted that 39% of Lee Daniel's The Butler $25 million box office this weekend was African-American based. The movie overperformed in predominately black theaters in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Atlanta and Chicago (Oprah Winfrey, one of the movie's stars, is from Chicago).

The Weinstein Company made a concerted effort to not only to target the African American base, but especially predominantly black based churches. TWC's marketing team created a scripture guide and faith-oriented trailer. (Check out the trailer at the end of this piece.) The guide states in its introduction: "Its aim is to help relate the moving story of Cecil Gaines to our own personal stories as we endeavor to live more authentic Christian lives."

The trailer differs from the original by adding a gospel based soundtrack that features Leona Lewis’ “I Know Who I Am,” a ballad about overcoming adversity. TWC also worked with mega-church African-American pastor TD Jakes of the Potter's House of Dallas to help get the word out about Lee Daniel's The Butler. Many of the faithful responded by going as an organized church event to see the movie.

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