ByLars Johnson, writer at
Lars Johnson

If you're just joining us here on the Internet, you don't know the news that Ben Affleck is the new Batman. The Internet exploded- mostly Twitter and message boards--but nonetheless, there's already a petition out there (on, of course) to get Ben Affleck removed as Batman.

We all shake our heads in agreement that he was a terrible other words, none of us were really expecting this coming, and many reactions are on the negative side (including mine). Expect to see Matt Damon/ Robin Jokes.

Ben Affleck has just pulled a Vin Diesel on us!

Over 2000 signatures and counting! I mean maybe I can give him a chance.....but for now, my signature counts.

For those of you still not on board, here is a picture that I'm sure will convince you.

Do you really want THIS as your next Batman? Sign the petition or be swallowed by the Internet.


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