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The casting of Ben Affleck as Batman has ignited a s**t storm of negative fanboy response. is number 1 trending on Twitter and it just makes me sick to see how closed minded fanboys are. I realize they all have the mind of a 2 year old but everyone just needs to calm down and let the dust settle.

Hell if it were up to me not only would Ben Affleck play Batman but I would also have him WRITE AND DIRECT Batman vs Superman! I mean after all he played Superman in a way (very well I might add) and he's won multiple Oscars and awards for writing and directing. If you ask me, that's a better idea then the tired, lazy talents of David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder.

Let's take a look at initial fanboy reaction to what would be an Oscar winning performance by Heath Ledger.

Remember reaction to Daniel Craig being cast as Bond?

The 5-foot-10-inch (178 cm) blond Craig was not considered by some protesters to fit the tall, dark Bond portrayed by the previous Bond actors, and to which viewers had apparently become accustomed. The Daily Mirror ran a front page news story critical of Craig, with the headline, "The Name's Bland – James Bland".

Craig was called too short and ugly for the role, and was also dissed by past cast members (e.g. Sophie Marceau). It didn't help Craig's standing with fans that he was replacing Pierce Brosnan, who was unceremoniously dumped after starring in the series' then-most successful entries. Needless to say, Craig was no George Lazenby; the Blond Bond starrers Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace have surpassed Brosnan's as the highest grossing Bond films.

"Hold still fanboy..."

How about Michael Keaton as Batman back in 1989?

This is the ever-lovin' granddaddy of fanboy casting outrage. Poor Michael Keaton probably didn't think it would get as bad as it did when he signed on to play the role in director Tim Burton's 1989 movie. But when the news broke that the star ofBeetlejuice and Mr. Mom was going to play the post-Dark Knight Returns Batman, fans panicked that the new movie would be another Adam West parody and are said to have sent upwards of 50,000 letters of protest to Warner Bros. (Keaton dubbed these angry fans "DC Comics Fundamentalists.") Keaton's filmography wasn't the only thing that riled fanboys; they viciously attacked his height, physique, jawline and hairline. Even Batman creator Bob Kane briefly got on the bandwagon. But Burton and the producers stuck to their guns, sensing that Keaton had the right edge and unhinged look in his eyes to play the role.

So everybody take a deep deep breath and relax. There's plenty of time till the film comes out and you know you will be in line waiting for the midnight screening on July 17, 2015.

See you there!


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