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Jonathan J Moya

In Drinking Buddies, Mumblecore Movement director Joe Swanberg substitutes plausible life for dramatic or conventional plot turns and like in life the endings don't go where you expect or want them to. The dramatic question is "what if the person you want to be with is not the person you share your life with now?" In this case Kate's (Olivia Wilde) kindred spirit is Luke (Jake Johnson of New Girl) but she exists with Chris (Ron Livingston) and he with Jill (Anna Kendricks)- schlub for schlub and geek for geek. The When Harry Met Sally question "Can a man and woman just be friends?", is answered with an of course, but it's kind of sort of-- the ending that life grants us that is ok enough to live with. Drinking Buddies is messy, light and utterly authentic at every turn. It gets a B.

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