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Jonathan J Moya

You're Next is a home invasion horror film with a twist from Down Under. Director Adam Wingard efficiently sets up the family reunion scenario, set in one of those family treasures, ram-shackled with big and small enough spaces to feast in, hide in and die in when the family bickering turns uncivil and the arrows start flying. Among the victims are Wingard buddies horror maven Ti West (The Innkeepers), Mumblecore maestro Joe Swanberg (this week's Drinking Buddies) and fellow gore auteur Larry Fessenden (Wendigo).

The whole things depends on some wicked turns between surviving and survivalist scenarios, before it almost becomes a very bloody Home Alone sequel, featuring inventive use of a smoothie maker and a few Rube Goldberg moments. The deaths on the bad side are nasty and brutal. On the good side, they are sometimes slowed down and contrived in order to justify the homicide aspect Most of the time You're Next just kills it, so it It gets a 'B' from me.

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