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Ok. I got this review in a bit late. My apologies, I was very busy.

Kick-Ass 2 was very rushed, and at times enjoyable, comparable to the first Kick-Ass. While it does not live up to its predecessor there's still a general sense of the ultra-violence.

Jim Carrey was in the movie for a very short amount of the film. I wanted to see more of his character, or at least watch his character develop.

But there were some moments when you check your watch. There is this entire Hit Girl sub-plot that totally goes off the rails. That sub-plot could have easily been cut to give more screen time to Stars and Stripes (Carrey). It's fine to have Kick-Ass and Hit Girl to have a bit of chemistry, but I found it a bit weak when they kissed.

Many characters could have been used more, especially the Mother Fucker's evil army. Mother Russia got the most screen time of all of them, and even at that it was truly minuscule-sized of a role. Many characters seemed to have been in only one scene, and then just sort of...away.

The action sequences were greatly executed, and I couldn't help enjoying myself. The final battle scene was so shockingly well-done. Some people say it was overlong---I disagree, and its remotely fun in that aspect.

There are good things to say about Kick Ass 2, and some bad things. Mostly good things, but I had some flaws with some of the narrative cliches but I can't walk into one of these movies expecting more than Chloe Grace-Mortez kicking ass.

Consensus: it is not as good as the first Kick-Ass, but seems to live up to its name in the hyper-violent category. And the playful comedy was also along the lines of the first film, but I had to feel that something was missing in this sequel in the first, but I just can't put my finger on.

Overall, If you want to have a good time, laugh and watch a 15-year girl kick-ass, this is the movie for you--because why would you expect a movie to be more than a 15-year old girl kicking ass. Reasonable expectations--it's not that hard. Not Oscar-worthy, but still a very enjoyable ride.

I did enjoy the post-credits scene. No spoilers, but it was just a chuckle involving the Mother Fucker.

4 out of 5

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