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Lars Johnson

I, and probably everyone in the theater, walked out saying:

"What did I just watch?"

The answer is The World's End, the most wittiest and vibrant of the dubbed Cornetto trilogy, also known as the Three Flavors trilogy or Blood and Ice Cream.

The science fiction elements in the film were certainly there, and used fairly late in the film, where everything comes into place.

The characters are very likeable, but Gary King (Simon Pegg) has a very new take on a character you love to hate (or vice versa). Nick Frost's character, Andy, has some delightful lines in the film.

There are quips between the five, and in the first half an hour its something special, as it sticks with its heart until the very end. Utterly as stupid as the Golden Mile itself, but that's the point. This movie is probably one of the best movies of the Summer, and for some reason it was just some sort of a guilty pleasure. And now that its wrapped up I declare the Cornetto trilogy one million times better than The Hangover trilogy, which had a great first movie but stumbled with its two sequels, while the Cornetto trilogy has a great track record.

Shaun of the Dead was fantastic, Hot Fuzz was great and The World's End does not disappoint.

The final 20 minutes will confuse you, and it may leave you wondering. It's a lot of movie to fit into 2 hours.

This film is about Gary King trying to relive the old days and conquer a pub crawl. 12 pubs. And what the movie successfully shows is five friends on a night out having fun..until the aliens show up and all hell breaks loose. The trailer seemed to show case the aliens..or robots, as they refer to them--but does sort of get out of line, and there are one too many climaxes--but I'm sure that's what Edgar Wright set out to do.

It's a clever and intelligent comedy that lives up to the Cornetto name.

Spoiler- what was very profound was Gary King and him not growing up. His high-school clothes still fit him and he hasn't done a thing with his life. Simon Pegg did a great job portraying the character as he did write the script.

At a certain point The World's End does in fact turn into the blockbusters it mocks.

5 out of 5 stars


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