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Melanie Lim

I have no idea how late I am with the news, but JGL's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) first attempt at simultaneously writing, acting, and directing will be out in theaters this September.

I saw the trailer for Don Jon right before watching Edgar Wright's "The World's End" (which is f-a-n-tastic, by the way). After a long career of acting in movie after movie, blockbusters and flops, he has proven himself by successfully experimenting with different roles, and has finally, finally, finally earned a chance at making his own mark in the industry.

Based on the trailer, this looks like a Boogie Nights meets Crazy, Stupid Love with the dirty sarcasm of 2 Broke Girls (okay maybe I'm pushing it with the last part).

In any case, I cannot wait to see this. It has a stunning cast, the trailer is hilarious, and Scarlet Johanssen looks like she's going to do an amazing job as a sexy bar chick constantly chewing gum. I'm in love with this idea, this whole event, and if I'm the last person on this planet to find out this was all happening, better late than never!

Save the date: September 27, 2013! This won't be on the Oscar list or the Venice Film Festival, but JGL's feature film debut as a director will have people talking.


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