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Lars Johnson

When I first heard the news I threw my computer across the room in disgust. It was as if I had heard Michael Bay will be directing The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Everyday I start to regret my despise. I soon came to realize that I did enjoy The Town and Argo. He certainly won't live up to Christian Bale, but dammit let's all just have a good time with this movie.

Every one of the fanboys basically boycotting the casting choice will be camping out for the midnight showing.

I recently sat down and watched Argo again. Taking Affleck's performance into account, every time he appeared on screen I thought this is our next Batman. And once the credits started to roll..I started to feel oddly okay.

I'm not just changing my opinion due to fanboy over-reaction to other casting news, I re-watched Argo and felt the emotional aspect that could make a great Bruce Wayne/Batman.

He's actually the best choice out there. I mean, Josh Brolin would have been nearly 50 when Justice League rolls around, Orlando Bloom was just awful to begin with, Karl Urban was never going to happen, and I knew that Christian Bale wasn't coming back. Everyone else kept throwing around rumors online saying he would be back as Batman, but I knew it would never happen.

It's a new era of comic book films and Christian Bale and his portrayal of the caped crusader aiding the cause, it was time for another to don the cape.

Ben Affleck is certainly not the greatest choice, but if he can pull off the emotion resonance he had with Argo, he can pull it off.

People out there think that this is the Batman reboot--actually, Affleck is just half the generator. Rising star Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman--putting to rest those who think he can't carry a Batman movie on his own.

When the next Batman flick does roll around, say 2017 or 2018, Ben Affleck will be 46.

Him playing Batman in multiple films (please Wonder Woman) is entirely based on his performance in Batman vs Superman.

But I'm sure we're looking at a solid script, people who care for the source material.

Let's just hope it doesn't go the route of MOS and the last 45 minutes is Batman and Superman punching each other.

I'll have trouble delving into the story and believing Ben Affleck is Batman if he can't deliver the standards he set for his career the last few years.

And I sure hope it doesn't turn out like Daredevil. And with the recent casting announcement not yet confirmed of Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, we could be looking at Green Lantern redemption.

There's a chance he does good but not great and there's a chance he completely ruins it and DC films go back quietly in the darkness and Justice League never sees the light of day.

Ben Affleck, if you're reading this---don't fu*k up Batman!

And for the people who recall Daredevil, that movie came out 10 years ago. And since then, Ben Affleck has won an Oscar.


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