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A while ago I posted my opinion of the recent blockbuster Man of Steel. And despite repeatedly stating that I enjoyed the movie, and I believed it was the best Superman movie to date, I received some harsh criticism.

I admitted at the time that the faults in the movie were just my personal gripes and not damaging to the film in anyway. But here were a couple of them.

I referred to Supes not being able to fly in space. Yes this one still bugs me. The atmosphere doesn't extend that far, even though gravity does – there would be no oxygen for him to breath. And if he didn't freeze instantly then what would stop his insides from quickly becoming his outsides due the lack of pressure.

Ok, thanks to a fan of the comics it was explained to me how they answered this in the comics, even though this is a film, not a comic.

Another was the fact that he managed to kill Zod. In my eyes I don't see how Zod could be killed, or how Supes could either. They both have skin thats impervious to all sorts and bones that could not break, as they are both from the same world, and both here on on earth to duke it out.

Ok a bit harsh, Supes has been here all his life. Zod only arrived shortly before the big fight.

And so it goes on with whatever my other gripes were. Just little things really. As I said, I really enjoyed the movie.

Since then I have finally managed to get chance to see it again, and I have discovered another mistake.

Despite only having arrived on Earth within, what, 12 hours, Zods bit on the side, the lovely female Kryptonion, was using her new-found strength and speed in Smallville. Well how? This was before any of the kryptonions had sampled Earth's atmosphere unsuited, and were therefore unacclimatized.

Now, I also commented on how much destruction there was in the second part of the movie, and how little it seemed to be regarded or thought of. But now I think I see where the sequel could be going with this.

Unhappy with what has happened in Metropolis, Batman comes to try and seek justice from Supes, either literally, or at the very least emotionally, to teach him that justice is blind and no-one should avoid the consequences of their actions. This, alongside the fact that Supes was forced to kill the last of his kind, will bring about his determination not to harm or kill anyone, even the bad guys, maybe?

I for one am almost looking forward to Affleck's attempt to fill the Crusaders cape. Despite my first misgivings and the backlash that seems to be taking place, I have come to like him over recent years. In the Town and Argo he was excellent, and in The Sum Of All Fears he was playing reluctant hero of sorts in Jack Ryan. And now I think Affleck could pull off someone who is dark and angry but very clever, not arrogant but cunning, relying on his wealth and resources and his intellect to do battle against evil and not jumping off multi-story car parks, etc.

And let's face it, Batman is a bit out of his depth. He isn't immune to poison, beatings, knives, bombs and bullets, no matter how much skills and training he has had, he can't fly without help, where most if not all the other heroes, especially Supes have powers beyond human capability, and the dark knight, is human last I heard. So he has to have something they do not. Intelligence and wisdom? Affleck can do both I think. Well I hope.

Quick note about the Man of Steel. I thought it was ace second time round too, the mistakes I pointed out I didn't even notice, I thought Lane was good especially when Supes asks her to give him space to take off. She had the perfect look of complete adoration and lust and the kid that played the young Clark was perfect for the role,. All in all, it's a must have for any collector and a must watch for any movie-goer. I can't wait for the next installment.

One more thing, anyone consider Gina Carano for Wonder Woman?

Take it easy folks!


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