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I think that one of the keys to a great Hulk movie (or any movie for that matter) is having a story to which most people can relate. Another key is having a character, or characters, that the audience can invest themselves in and identify with. This also helps with future potential movie plots. With all of that in mind here is my Hulk story!

Robert Bruce Banner has been the Hulk for a long time and has always been hunted by General Thunderbolt Ross, even though his daughter Betty Ross is in love with him. 'Doc' Sampson, a fellow scientist, captures the Hulk and separates him and Banner into two different beings. Believing himself free of the Hulk, Bruce marries Betty Ross. Just prior to the wedding Bruce decides to visit his cousin Jennifer Walters, but gets to her after she has been seriously wounded by agents of crime boss, Nicholas Trask. He gives her a blood transfusion not thinking it will harm her in any way since he and the Hulk are now separate beings.

Fast forward a few months (or years, according to the directors preference) and we find out that Bruce has been reunited with the Hulk by 'Doc' Sampson after he realizes that they share the same life force and their separation was killing them both. Shortly after their reunion, we find that Betty is dying of prolonged exposure to Gamma Radiation due to her relationship with the Hulk. The 'Abomination' learns of her illness and decides to help her with a transfusion of his blood, which supposedly kills her.

This puts General Ross in a depressed mood and he is approached by the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. They claim to have the means to resurrect Betty, IF General Ross agrees to work with them. He agrees and they subject him to Gamma Radiation transforming him into the Red Hulk. What he doesn’t realize however is that they have already resurrected her and Betty is now the Red She-Hulk.

She goes against her own father because she has been brain-washed by 'Doc' Sampson into working with Him, The Leader and M.O.D.O.K. under the name The Intelligencia.

Betty rebels against The Intelligencia after fighting against She-Hulk causes her to break free of her mind-control and saves her father’s life. Then they all go to find the Hulk and let him know what has happened and how he has been used to transform them into the Red Hulk and Red She-hulk. They then all go against 'Doc' Sampson, The Leader and M.O.D.O.K.

As you can see, this story has great movie potential in that not only does it have 3 villains, it has 4 Hulks. To me that means at least one spin-off series of She-Hulk, If not spin-offs of both Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk as well. It is relatable to everyone, military and civilian because we all have anger issues, family issues, relationship issues, etc. to deal with on a daily basis. We can identify with all the hulks as well (Withdrawn Scientist has to deal with rage issues, Mousy Lawyer has to deal with court cases and her own skittishness, Career Military Man has to deal with his grief at the (supposed) loss of his daughter only to find out she is alive, and Loving, Caring wife finds out her husband has had an affair and that woman has had his child.

There you have it folks, my idea for an Awesome Hulk Movie! What do you think and who would you like to play in the movie? Comment below.


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