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For this new weekly series, I am going to open with Spider-Man 3: which, while not being the worst superhero film on the face of the planet (here's looking at you Catwoman) was a huge disappointment.

Usually a film is deemed successful if it doubles its production budget, which Spider-Man 3 did do, but was deemed a bit of a disappointment as the budget after worldwide marketing was estimated at $358 million.

Okay, now for the mistakes of Spider-Man 3.


The worst part of this film. His character feels very rushed and doesn't come in until fairly late, and he isn't in many of the film's action sequences. That sure was impressive in 2007. I once sat down and had a Marathon of all the Spider-Man movies, but I could not watch this atrocity again. Venom was a weak villain in Spider-Man 3, and I hope Marc Webb can handle the source material better and give us the Venom we've wanted for years. I'll even accept Carnage in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 3 or 4 and that seems to be the rumor going around these days. Speaking of villains, Spider-Man 3 also had....

Too Many Villains

And of course the one who doesn't know which side to be on! The Sandman is a great Marvel character, but I felt that Sony's priority was to make him look 'cool' instead of developing his story more. There was a small subplot with Sandman going on, but it was eventually swallowed with multiple sub-plots with Green Goblin, Mary Jane Watson and Eddie Brock. It could have worked, but Spider-Man 3 was plagued with the same issues of Superman Returns---it turned out as more of a chick flick than a superhero film.

There Was So Much Potential

Spider-Man 3 could have surprised us all, balancing drama, villains and the characters. It had a chance to be the best of the original trilogy. The expectations were so high, and they soared even higher with the trailers. The worst part of Spider-Man 3 is that it could have been good. But it suffered many problems, but Sony was desperate for Spider-Man 4, but Sam Raimi refused to make it happen. Spider-Man 3 was most likely the cause of that, and it seemed that Raimi thought Sony would have more creative control than him, the director. And it was the most disappointing film since....the Phantom Menace.

Well, there are three reasons why Spider-Man 3 went haywire. Now if you haven't seen Spider-Man 3, do not take the time out of your day to watch it. And if you have seen it, I wouldn't recommend watching it again, unless it is a hate-watching session.

Have anymore reasons why Spider-Man 3 sucked? Check back next week for the next installment of the Big Mistake. Which movie should I roast next? Leave suggestions and opinions in the comments below.


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