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Jonathan J Moya

Ass Backwards features June Diane Raphael (Burning Love) and Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) in a story about two best friends who ditch the city and road trip back to their hometown to try to win the beauty pageant they lost as kids.
Raphael and Wilson wrote the script with Chris Nelson, a TV veteran, directing the mayhem. About the two ill-fitting slightly odd pageant dresses featured on the poster image, Raphael told EW about the inspiration.

We took to the streets — and by the streets we mean a downtown LA quinceanera shop — to procure the best dresses I have ever seen,”

Raphael tells EW.

The look we were kind of going for is like crazy Toddlers and Tiaras-type little girl dresses, and you know, luckily for us those are also quinceanera dresses, they are one in the same.

The film opens November 8th.

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