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Jonathan J Moya

Three French posters for The Family or Malavita (translates loosely to bad life or bad way) as the land that je'adores Jerry Lewis likes to call it are here to grace your presence.

The flamingos on Diana Argon's dress (above) are the perfect complement for the blood streak in the background. Probably the funniest of the three released because it is the least self reflective.

Michelle Pfeiffer eyes shoot bullets of pissed off attitude in her Malavita sheet. If looks could kill we would all be dead by now.

Robert De Niro and the director Luc Beson are long time friends, and all around good guys. They are practically family. A three month all expenses paid vacation in the south of France is just too good an offer to refuse. But when it comes to doing the job you got to roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work.

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