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Enemies and unpredictable elements are piling up against Walter as the odds for his survival are becoming more and more slim. But Walter always has a trick up his sleeve. Seeing an all-out gun filled battle is going into fruition with epic repercussions. If the payoff is as great as I hope it will, it will be the greatest slow burn to end a series in the history of television. Let’s hope the care for the finale is as careful for the blue meth that Heisenberg produces.

Walter slowly inspects any trouble that may be lurking around his house while parked up the road. He creeps through the back door wielding his 38 snub ready to fire. It’s tense and a tad scary as the music plays up the horror that may be waiting in the shadows. He looks down the long hallway with an ominous stare, not knowing what may be hiding. Room by room he searches for Jesse until he gets to the master bedroom. Playing like a horror movie, the music is ramped up, and the camera is tightly placed on the door knob. We see him go in the room with seemingly no sight of Jesse. We then see him walk out worried. I think the long hallway was used specifically for these tense moments in the show. It was so well directed and paced so slow that you could not tell what would happen.

Walter goes outside seeing Saul’s car and a cd disc on the dash which I presume was used for snorting drugs considering Jesses damaged and enraged emotional state. He sends Huell to Walter Jrs. School in Saul’s car reminding him to be on the lookout for Jesse. Walter has the carpets and furniture cleaned of gasoline smelling everything to make sure all the bases are covered. He does his Gus impression when kneeling with a pillow under his knees while smelling the gas. Walter does take the traits of those he has killed, but I think he will take a huge trait from Gus in the future episodes since he was such a huge influence on him throughout the series.

The carpet cleaners say that they can’t get the smell out of it without him paying for new carpets all together. Walter goes into lying mode like putting on a glove and quickly thinks of a scheme to get out of it. He contemplates what to do with the gas container, until he decides to douse his clothes and car with gasoline. Skylar comes home perturbed to find a fan in Walt’s car. It’s heightened even more when she smells gasoline. Walter spins a pretty good lie of a failing gas line, drenching his clothes, car and carpet with gas.

I always love seeing Skylar’s face when reacted to Walters bullshit. It’s so real and doesn’t feel forced. If looks could speak, she would’ve let go a diatribe on Walter like he’s never heard. The same goes for Walt Jr. who has grown to smell bullshit a mile away whilst living with a master criminal and calls him out on it. He says it’s the cancer that’s back which is a more believable lie and a wonder that he hasn’t thought of it. They all agree to go to a hotel while the carpets are redone.

Walter meets with Saul and Kuby in the car, discussing what to do about Jesse. While Kuby goes over every possible spot to find him he finds nothing. Not even Badger or Skinny Pete is of any use but just go on more pot induced rants on sci-fi shows. Saul mentions that Walter goes the Old Yeller route with Jesse, which angers Walter for the second time this season. The first incident was sending Hank on a trip to Belize. Walter fed up, is tired of Saul’s references asks him to never speak of this plan again. I’m thinking Saul may use this route for someone else close to him before the series ends. The choices are limited as Skylar and Marie only pose a threat to him that are also close to him.

Walter goes to the hotel, meeting with them while lying about a broken ice machine to Skylar. She once again sees right through it asking how Saul is. Walter breaks again finally spilling what’s wrong. He obviously won’t go into the details of poisoning a child, like Todd won’t go into the detail of murdering a child. It’s in their best interests to not give that bit of information as it may be used against them. He says it was in his and Jesse’s best interest and complicated which is putting it lightly. Skylar is obviously scared that someone was mere moments from burning down their house but Walt could look not even the slightest bit disturbed by it. How he tries to rationalize that everything is fine even though an ex-partner tried to burn down our house with intentions to murder you is beyond ridiculous and shows how out if it he really is.

Skylar is as scared as Walter should be, even if he doesn’t want to show or say it. There’s no way you can justify that act and make it seemed like everything will be fine afterwards. Skylar wants to know what his plan of action will be to alleviate the situation with Jesse. But Walter only sees it one way, refusing to toe that line he has held onto for so long. Skylar suggests that he kill Jesse which is the best way to deal with it. What else can you do when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? But what really stood out for me is the maturation of Skeisenberg as his second voice and a pretty gangster badass chick. She wants a full measure while Walter wants a half measure. That’s something else he could have taken from Mike since he went half measures when he should’ve gone all the way.

The scene starts off as the ending of the previous episode with Jesse ready to unleash his fiery fury unto the White Residence. As he is mere seconds away from lighting a magazine, incinerating the house, Hank rushes in just in time. Jesse fed up, knows he can’t let him go and get away with it. But hank knows this is his one chance to nail Heisenberg once and for all. He talks him down as they agree to take him down together. A pairing I never thought I’d see but makes sense with the map of the show. As they leave together, Walter drives up the road which had me dying. Love those random acts of near calamity. Hank takes him to the DEA which Jesse isn’t fond of since the last witnesses to Heisenberg ended up brutally murdered in the tightest time frame imaginable.

Marie is talking to a psychiatrist but not really talking to a psychiatrist. She can’t really divulge the sordid information troubling her without repercussions coming down on her no matter how much it bothers her. To the chagrin of her psychiatrist she changes the subject. But Marie goes off on a tangent about untraceable poisons which is a vital element to the show and will undoubtedly be used in the final episode. Hearing Marie give in to her darker side is troubling, first when she wished suicide on Walter then poisoning him.

Marie finds a couple bags packed and sees that Hank ordered a two day spa session. Marie clearly knows what’s up as she has her bullshit detector amplified too. And Hank isn’t the best liar in the world to begin with. He says that Jesse is staying for a bit, ready to turn Walter over. Marie only cares about if it would hurt Walter, doesn’t matter that he’s a drug addict murdering meth cook as long as it gets results. Hank gets Walters message that was for Jesse, enacting a plan to get Heisenberg.

Walter is by the hotel pool quietly contemplating, where many important impactful decisions have been made over the course of the series. Walter Jr. walks up, not really tired. He sits down next to Walter, talking about the future. He asks about business which means two entirely different things to Walter. Meth and car wash usually don’t go together. Walter Jr. is afraid that he may lose his dad, but Walter makes it clear that cancer will not get in his way. We all know that he never lets anything get in his way without a fight. Walter Jr. hugs Walter, showing a father son bond that hasn’t been really shown at all between these two. It’s usually reserved for Jesse as his surrogate son. Which I might add is at the Schrader’s, the other son of Walt’s is now at his enemies’ house.

Jesse finally gets up from his elongated slumber and sees a picture of Walter and Skylar in happier times with Walt as Santa Claus. He enters the hallway seeing Marie who offers coffee. Another long hallway shot made that much more dramatic. He sees Hank set up a video camera with his partner Gomez sitting. Hank has video too revealing crimes, ready to incriminate. To the chagrin of Jesse, he doesn’t see this as any help. But Hank knows there is no evidence, but knows tying up all the knots together would help the overall case. Jesse starts all the way from the beginning with initially meeting Walter White as a meek chemistry teacher. He solemnly says he was my teacher. It hurts to hear him say that since he was a teacher in more ways than one and was once considered a friend.

I would’ve loved to hear Jesse relive the entire story and all the crazy moments from his eyes. Hank and Gomez both know the evidence isn’t there and previous and new leads will get them nowhere. But Hank doesn’t need that but Jesse’s hello kitty phone that Walt has previously called. Hank sets up a sting to get Heisenberg with Jesses help. For obvious reasons, Jesse sees no reason to talk to him without murdering him.

And he knows that Walter has full intentions of killing him anyway. But Hank tells him that he cares for him no matter what, which I fully believe until he is a problem. Until he has no use for him, he’ll cut you off or kill you if you’re a problem. Understandably Hank and Gomez don’t fully realize the type of guy they’re dealing with. Jesse goes over how smart, unpredictable and lucky he is. But it’s an ultimatum type of deal that Jesse has. Gomez sees that it may be a trap but Hank could care less if Jesse is killed as long as Walter is on tape doing it.

Hank sets up Jesse with a wire ready to talk to Walter. If there ever was a moment when he was more out of it, I’d like to see it. Knowing he may walk into certain death, he slowly walks toward Walter. Being aware of everyone in the courtyard, he gets more and more distressed. It doesn’t help that Walter is sitting with both hands in his pockets, looking like he’s clearly up to something. As he gets closer he notices an imposing, suspicious looking man looking in his direction and Walters.

Jesse is frozen then bolts to the nearest payphone. He calls Walter with a change of plans, saying he’s not doing things his way anymore and hitting him where it hurts the most. Walter more disturbed than ever, gets up walking toward the suspicious man. As they begin to pass, the man’s daughter jumps into his arms. How they build up suspicions that very well may happen, then totally reverse them is done incredibly well on this show. Like Jesse said you may think what happens, but the complete opposite reverse of that happens.

Jesse is picked up by Hank who is clearly pissed off at him. But Jesse has an even better plan to hurt him even worse. If there is anyone to finally usurp Walter with all his smarts and cunning, it would have to be Jesse. There is no one who knows him better, the lengths he will go to and the massive unpredictability that ensues with Walters plans. Walter goes back to his car making a phone call to former partner Todd. He has another job for his uncle and the deadly, brutal Nazi gang.

By now Walter has to know that Jesse has turned to the DEA. All the evidence is pointing to that. Really can’t see another viable answer. And with the last job working to perfection when everything shown that it wouldn’t work, calling Nazis is a great go to. Hard to imagine what specific use he could have for them besides a massive killing. But I have to imagine that Jesse would have to see something heinous coming from Walter as he never takes bad news lightly. With new information coming into the light, it’s turning everyone into a rabid dog. But there’s only room for one dog in this specific pound.


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