ByRobert Saldivar, writer at
Robert Saldivar

Could there possibly be another reason to see Fast and Furious 7? Since the 5th installment, the movies have just been getting better, despite the non-realistic action scenes (which I think is what makes the movie so damn good). This latest rumor could make things even better!

Variety reported that a part originally meant for Denzel Washington, which is pretty much worthy news itself, is now being offered to Kurt Russell. No deals have been made yet, but something’s likely to be announced soon. The movie is likely to be released in 2014.

I'm excited about this and can't wait to see how they use him if the rumor is in fact true. This would be a great opportunity for Mr. Russell since he hasn’t been in any real big movies for quite some time now.

I, for one, can't wait for this movie to be released especially if they announce Kurt Russell being part of the cast this time around.

What are you're thoughts on this casting Rumor? Do you like it? Are you looking forward for the new installment? comment Below! :D


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