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(Before I start this article, as a few people know I'm also an aspiring comic book writer, my page is And if i can get 300 likes on it, i'll post my Hulk 2 idea up!)

So, after it was released that Batman would be joining Superman on the big screen before a Justice League movie, I began to wonder.

And I think I may have figured everything out. DC's big plan is to lead into the Trinity War!

Not convinced? Well look at what I figured out. First, the Justice League movie has only been called Justice League, not Justice League of America, which after the New 52, is something different, but I'll get to that later. From this, not only can I predict the character cast, but also certain parts about the plot of not only DC's movies, but also it's TV show, Arrow.

As you can see, the core Justice League is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Arguably some of the best known hero's in not only DC, but in all of comics. The New 52 reboot came in 2011, and the core Justice League being this limited, is because of DC preparing to counter Marvel's the avengers, and then show them up by doing something before they have: Setting up three ensemble flicks, into one big movie. We will most likely see GL, WW, Aquaman and Cyborg pop up either in Batman Vs. Superman, Arrow, or their own movies (or each others, DC has promised to one up Marvel by having alot more cohesion, cameos, and important plot-points with other DC characters)

But that's only one third of the Trinity War!

The second part may come exclusively on Arrow as it fits the shows established tone and characters. If the Justice League are the DC Avengers, then the JLA are it's X-force or Secret Avengers. They're more militaristic and have less superpowers, as well as being backed by Amanda Waller and the US government as a deterrent to use against the Justice League so that no one (like superman) can hold to much power (this fearful theme was explored in Man of Steel, another hint that this may be the direction DC is heading). They were picked because of how well they are at combating a member of the Justice League. I can see the lineup changed (quite drastically) but could easily end up forming on Arrow, being lead by Steve Trevor and Oliver Queen, but changing out Vibe with Black Canary, Katana with Deathstroke, Stargirl with Huntress, well dropping Catwoman and Hawkman. But alas, there is still one more team!

The Justice League Dark! This magical title is what ties the theroy to together, as it will be happening! Guillmero Del Torro has been attached to direct this supernatural film. With talks that more DC hero's will be joining Ollie on Arrow, this movie is the tell tale sign of where DC plans to take its movie's. Most likely the JL will have there own avengers like ensemble film, the JLA will have an Arrow special, and JLD will have its own single movie before setting up a trinity war movie, giving everyone just enough development to survive onscreen with two other teams. Now when is all is said and done, there is still one missing piece of this puzzle, and he goes by the name SHAZAM! But my guess is this is DC's plan.

Do you guys think it's gonna happen? Does this look like what will happen after the 2017 Justice League movie? Is it still to far off to tell? Let your voice be heard in the comments, and don't forget to like my page!


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