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Everyone is a critic... or something like that.
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As much as I'd love to give readers a break from the endless stream of Bat-Boy-Bitching, I think addressing it and telling all the "Die-Hard-Dark-Knight" fans to just "deal", might better calm a few DC doubters.

My favorite Dark Knight being Bale, I was unsure I wanted anyone to play the role again, especially so soon. I'll admit to groaning a bit when I heard Daredevil was trading in his seeing cane for the cape of the beloved crusader. However my displeasure was somewhat stunted after reading the hate comments under the controversial casting announcement. My brief lapse of belief in director Zack Snyder vanished as I felt the need to rush to his side in heroic defense.

After all isn't this the miracle worker who turned the turmoil of "Superman Returns"

into the vastly more appreciated and, to my personal delight, darker take on Superman the title: "Man of Steel?"

I, having seen the former, was among those fans who groaned at the mere mention of the 2013 reboot. But I'd be lying to say I wasn't caught off guard by the startlingly haunting trailer for the new film. The overhaul on the franchise was so tantalizing I was hopeful my opinion of a reboot would soon change. I found this short trailer

to be so intriguing I felt the need to stand in line amongst other fanboys and girls and pray for this one to be right. And i'll wager most fans agree, even if they're not in love with the new man-in-tights, that Snyder took a large step off the wayward trail of "Superman Returns" and into the right direction with this new film.

So are you willing to put a little faith into the man who saved Superman? Can we assume that Snyder had good reason to cast Ben Affleck and trust him with yet another DC treasure?

I myself am waiting, albeit nervously, to pass judgement until I see the new Batman for myself, or at least glimpse the trailer. 2015 is a long way away and I refuse to spend it obsessing over one aspect of what is sure to be a high profile movie (with Cranston rumored to be Lex who cares who the good guys are?)

So… anyone else care to wait? I mean let's not pretend we aren't planning on seeing it anyway.

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